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Maurizio Dicastro was born in 1948 in Rome, Italy. Today he lives in Rishon LeZion, Israel and is the owner of Caffe Maurizio.

The story of Maurizio and coffee started 30 years ago when the coffee market was only beginning to grow in Israel. Maurizio worked as a sales manager at the largest Italian coffee brands, such as Lavazza, Bristot, and more. In addition to sales, he advised many businesses in the field, was a judge in coffee competitions and later imported the Italian coffee Tazza D’oro.

In 2006, Maurizio decided to take his love for coffee one step further and to create a special brand on his own – Caffe Maurizio was created and the rest is history! The combination between Maurizio’s experience, fine taste and love of coffee created a unique and quality blend that is being sold in many specialty coffee shops around Israel.

Maurizio provides coffee to private consumers, offices and businesses in addition to technical service for coffee machines, consultation and sales of complementary products.

About the Caffe Maurizio Blend:

The coffee is a hybrid of selected varieties of Arabica (80%) and roosveta (20%), coming from Africa and South America. The coffee beans are carefully selected and combined into a unique and high quality blend.

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